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Delivery Services in Alaska

Order food online from the best restaurants in Alaska

The most convenient way to order food online

Delivery is one of our three service types next to Pickup and Dine-in that can be offered by our restaurants. On this page you'll find detailed information related to our service type "Delivery" on alaskancuisine.us and how it works.

Delivery Ordering Image

Simple and easy to use

We want to keep it as simple as possible and it all starts by entering your city instead having to type in your whole address. Next, you'll find a list of all restaurants in your area. You can filter by Service Type if you wish to see only restaurants that offer Delivery. Our filter is pretty strict so please keep in mind that if you select "Delivery only" you won't get results for "Delivery & Pickup" for example. It is a slight usability issue we're aware of and it will be fixed in a future update.

On each restaurant tab you'll find important information about Delivery, not available simply means the restaurant has not set these options yet. The following information are available by default:

* Delivery always covers the whole city you've searched for with the exception of Anchorage, Fairbanks and Juneau as we're working with additional districts/areas here. On the restaurant menu you'll find a button called "Delivery Areas" - we recommend to check out the delivery areas first before placing your order. If your area is not listed and you feel like that this is an error, try to contact the restaurant (or us).

If you don't want to sign up on alaskancuisine.us feel to place your order by phone or by e-mail directly with the restaurant as long as they offer these services outside of alaskancuisine.us too. We don't work with commission and we don't need to track anything. We're happy about each order made through us.

How it works

Select a restaurant that offers the Delivery service, place your order, set a delivery time, enter your address and - optionally - delivery instructions, such as "ring the bell twice". A mobile number is required to use our services as some restaurants might want to verify your order first with a verification code. Furthermore you'll receive important status updates on your order when it changes from pending to accepted or (in rare cases) to declined. If you think you're receiving too much notifications or are unhappy how it works, please let us know. Our system has just been released and we're happy to hear what you think.

Alaskan Cuisine supports a lot of different payment methods and gateways, such as Authorize.net, Barclay Card, Braintree, PayPal, Stripe, Credit Card or Cash on Delivery. If you're not seeing most of these payment methods when checking out, it means that the restaurant is currently not offering it and some might just rely on Cash on Delivery. For Cash on Delivery our advice is to prepare the money but you'll have the option to specify the amount of change when checking out. If you pay by using your Credit Card your card information will never be stored permanently to avoid any security risks and all records will be wiped entirely from our system when your order has been delivered or cancelled. We're running regular and automated checks to make sure everything stays as safe as possible. Using our service, you will have the certainty of receiving exquisite food from the best restaurants near you, without leaving your home. The restaurant will come to you.

After your order has been accepted you can just lean back and wait. Your restaurant will try to accommodate your directions, but in some special situations may propose to deliver before or after your time, for logistical reasons; however, delivery will always take place in the time slot indicated by you. You might want to check your phone too for possible status updates on your order.

Additionally we have designed a loyalty point system where returning customers will benefit from. Each order at a restaurant is equivalent to a certain number of points, and once it reaches a certain threshold you will be entitled to a discount on your next order! The more you eat, the more you save with our loyalty points system. Points are collected individually for each restaurant.

Quality control

Our feedback and rating system has two functions: it allows you to understand which restaurants offer the best service, with punctual deliveries, hot food and smiling delivery drivers, and it allows us to monitor the work of our partners. We are very attentive to all feedback from our customers and we want to make sure both restaurant and customers will profit from that.

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