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Payment information

For customers and restaurants

Pay easily and secure online or at your front door

In addition to pay by cash at delivery or in the restaurant (in case of pickup), Alaskan Cuisine offers a variety of online payment methods, to allow all customers and restaurants to select their favorite payment type. When signing up as a restaurant, we're only accepting PayPal for the time being but we'll provide more payment options in the near future.

Payment methods

Currently we're offering the following payment provider and methods for restaurants:

Each payment provider was selected after extensive research regarding transaction security and protection of customers' personal data. We want to achieve a maximum protection of all personal data, a fast and secure platform and the opportunity to receive payments immediately after placing an order. It wouldn't work well with slow methods such as bank transfer. Payments are made directly to the restaurant; Alaskan Cuisine is not involved in any process of payment handling other than providing the platform to complete the order process.

How paying on Alaskan Cuisine works

Restaurants: If you wish to offer and receive payments through one or more payment gateways you'll first have to create an account on the website of your desired online payment service. For example, if you wish to offer PayPal, you need to sign up for a merchant account on www.paypal.com. After your account has been created you can retrieve your API keys from your PayPal account, and then add these keys in your Alaskan Cuisine administration. You'll now be able to receive your payment from your customers in your PayPal account.

Customers: You'll be able to select your preferred payment method in our checkout process on our website or in our mobile app from a list of different payment options offered by the restaurant. Please note that only payment options supported by the restaurant will be displayed, and it might be possible that some restaurants may offer only one specific payment option.

In very rare situations payments made through online payment providers could fail or take longer than usual which might impact the delivery time of your order. Unfortunately, this is out of our control and we normally can't speed up the process. We advise any customer and restaurant to check their emails for possible notifications and/or contact the payment provider directly:

Alaskan Cuisine allows all customers to leave a tip for the restaurant by selecting different tip percentages configured by the restaurant, tip by cash or give no tip at all. Of course, this service is totally optional. If you were happy with your previous orders and want show the restaurant owner that his commitment has been appreciated, adding a tip to your order is always a good idea.

Data handling

We have invested heavily in the safety of our platform, and Alaskan Cuisine is continually working to improve the process of handling online payments at all times. We know that working with sensitive data comes with a lot of responsibility and while we can't 100% assure that there won't be some minor issues from time to time, we're highly committed keeping our system as secure and reliable as possible. There might be situations where we're required to run updates for selected API's which could result in a short downtime of a specific payment method or the website itself, we're doing our best to keep this downtime as short as possible.

Credit Cards

In the early development stage of alaskancuisine.us we thought it would be a great idea for customers to add and save their credit card information to speed up the checkout process. The more we heard about data leaks and scandals from other websites the more we doubted our decision and removed that feature to provide a better security for our customers and restaurants. While we of course encrypt all credit card information, we currently don't want to store anything permanently. This could however change in the future if our customers want this feature back. You'll probably find a few remnants of this idea when adding your credit card temporarily in our checkout section.

Now, when a customer places an order and selects the payment option "Offline Credit Card Payment" the card information will be encrypted, stored temporarily and only provided to the restaurant. The data will be kept only for the time necessary to complete the payment procedure or your order. As soon as your order will be completed all of your credit card information on alaskancuisine.us will be deleted irreversible. This also applies if your order is cancelled or declined. There is no way for us or the restaurant owner to retrieve your information again.

Our system also regularly checks for pending orders which are not updated for a specific amount of time.

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