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Find the best restaurants in Palmer, Alaska


Welcome to Palmer, Alaska, which is part of the Anchorage metropolitan area and with all of the great things to see and do there, you will not need to venture anywhere near Anchorage if you are looking for things to do. As with most places in the State of Alaska, Palmer boasts of its great outdoors activities that are extremely plentiful.

It is situated on the Matanuska River which automatically brings water activities like canoeing, kayaking and of fishing. The water in the glacier-fed river is amazingly blue and definitely on the cold side as you can imagine. There is also plenty of mountainous trails with several tall peaks in and around Palmer and the rest of the Anchorage metropolitan area.

You also do not want to miss visiting one of the thousands of historical abandoned gold mine locations that can found in almost every major cities in Alaska. The Independence Mine State Historical Park allows you to get up close and personal to where miners back in the 1800's would extract millions of dollars worth of gold out of the ground.

Palmer is home to the State Fair of Alaska and if you are planning your next vacation you should consider making your vacation plans include the fair. This is a must do if you are one of those families that just have to visit the state fair in your home state. As you are aware, nothing beat fair food, games, and rides.

Image of Palmer, Alaska

Restaurants in Palmer

Browse the best restaurants in Palmer on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Palmer - let us know!

Browse Restaurants

For those who like to sample the local craft beers when they are visiting, Palmer, Alaska does offer a local brewery that allows its guests to a beer tasting in their taproom and also makes purchases and carry it out back to your hotel room. The abundance of the best, glacier-fed river provides the Arkose Brewery with the best water to make their beer with.

The Bear Paw Brewery is not too far away as well in Wasilla, Alaska which also features local craft beers on tap for patrons to sample the beer and take home some for later.

If coffee or tea is more your speed, there are plenty of local tea rooms and coffee shops that feature freshly steeped or fresh brewed coffee or tea. They also feature typical coffee shop foods like cakes, sandwiches and baked goods.

Order food the easy way in Palmer

There are so many great, small local restaurants in Palmer that you should never have to drive anywhere near Anchorage to be able to satisfy your hunger. Where you have a craving for a good steak, some of the freshest, right off the boat seafood to spicy Mexican or a plate full of comfort food such as pasta or a great slice of pizza. There are many ways to get food delivery service in Palmer since most restaurants offer delivery now.

There are many great local restaurants like:

The Noisy Goose Cafe is a cafe style restaurant which features a varied menu that has mostly American cuisine and is also very Vegetarian-friendly.

Turkey Red is a sit-down restaurant that features American cuisine and also has a very varied menu with plenty of food choices that offer Vegetarian and Gluten-free food choices. Seafood, steak and other traditional favorites fill the menu.

The Pizzaria Delphi is a great restaurant for those who love Italian and Greek ethnic foods, You will find a wide range of delicious foods.

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