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Find the best restaurants in Bethel, Alaska


Bethel, Alaska is a fairly large city (9th largest in Alaska) that is located on the Kuskokwim River. There much to do when visiting Bethel, especially if you like the great outdoors. Like many other places, there is so much to see and do outside. You can paddle a rented kayak down the Kuskokwim River or you can take a chartered fishing trip and catch some really nice fish.

Since Bethel is located inside the Yukon Delta Wildlife Reserve, which is the second largest in the United States, there are so many things you can do to enjoy the great outdoors. There is wilderness hiking not too far away. In the winter time, you can catch the dog sledding with the Kuskokwim 300 is held there every year.

Like many other cities in Alaska that are located on a river such as the Kuskokwim River, the water sports are going to be the predominant outdoor activity to do in Bethel, Alaska. Hiking and camping are other activities that you can do with several guided tour companies offer tour packages for camping and fishing excursions.

On the cultural side, you can enjoy much fun by visiting the native cultural center and if you are lucky enough or plan it just right, you can visit during the Cama-i Dance Festival.

Image of Bethel, Alaska

Restaurants in Bethel

Browse the best restaurants in Bethel on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Bethel - let us know!

Browse Restaurants

While there are no local breweries and distilleries located in Bethel, Alaska there are plenty of places locally that you can go to enjoy a good beer or mixed drink if you so choose. With many different bars and restaurants that have full bars within the establishment. There are also a number of sports bars that you can have a beer while you are enjoying your favorite sports activities on one of the many TV's.

If adult beverages are not your cup of tea, you can visit one of the many coffee shops available in Bethel, Alaska where you can enjoy a freshly brewed cup of coffee and maybe a snack to go along with it. You will likely find a number of tea rooms where you can enjoy a great tasting cup of tea.

Order food the easy way in Bethel

There are many great places to eat in Bethel, you can find a restaurant that serves almost all of the different types of food including; seafood (some of the freshest), pizza, Mexican, Thai, Japanese and other Asian favorites. There are also a number of other great places get whatever you have the craving for.

The top three restaurants Chopstix features Japanese cuisine, Asian, Sushi and is Vegetarian. If you have the taste for Greek or Mediterranean cuisine, Dimitri's Restaurant which also offers several Italian entrees as well. The Bethel Pho-Thai Restaurant features both Thai and Vietnamese food as well.

Most all of the local restaurants in Bethel, Alaska for local food delivery service and therefore you can sit in your hotel room and enjoy a meal from many of the restaurants without having to even leave your room. You are likely to find a place that you can find a restaurant that serves the type of food that you enjoy.

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