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Find the best restaurants in Homer, Alaska


Welcome to Homer, Alaska, where the great outdoors is all around you. Much like all of the other cities that are in the Anchorage area, Homer provides an outdoor lover everything that has ever wanted. The wilderness is a stone's throw away where you can watch grizzly bear families in their native habitat.

You can charter a boat and fish in the bay and catch halibut until your heart's content and then come back in and cook it on an open fire. You can also take a tour of Homer and the surrounding wilderness by seaplane and enjoy all of the splendor that you can see. If you prefer water sports, rent and canoe or kayak and paddle around in the crystal clear blue water of the bay.

Last but not least you need to visit the Homer Spit, which is a narrow stretch of land that extends out into Kachemak Bay. The spit is home to shops, a museum, a harbor and lots of sightseeing. If birdwatching is your thing, you will love the view of the American Bald Eagle.

Image of Homer, Alaska

Restaurants in Homer

Browse the best restaurants in Homer on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Homer - let us know!

Browse Restaurants

Beyond the amazing fresh seafood and great things to eat in Homer, Alaska, if you are looking for some adult, liquid refreshments. You really need to check out the Homer Brewing Company and Bear Creek Winery. Each of these establishments makes only the best-tasting beers and wines in Alaska.

The Home Brewing Company makes its great tasting beers using only locally sourced ingredients and some of the best water on the planet. When it comes to making beer, it truly is all about the water quality. You can sit in their taproom and sample all of the different types of craft beer that they make.

The Bear Creek Winery offers numerous great tasting wines using locally grown grapes. You can sit and sample as many of the wines that they make as you want. The unique atmosphere in the Bear Creek Winery is that you can sample wines and get a nice meal at the same time.

Order food the easy way in Homer

After all of the excitement of the day is done, now is time to enjoy a great tasting meal to top off the evening. There are several amazing places to get a great tasting meal and no matter what you are looking forward to eating you are likely to find a restaurant that has what you are wanting. Especially if you have the desire to get some seafood, you are unlikely to find any place that has fresher seafood than here in Homer.

One the best places to go in Homer, Alaska is called Little Mermaid and you will fall in love with their amazing menu. It is filled with all of the best tasting foods from the sea. If you prefer Italian, you can stop at Finn's Pizza or Fat Olives Restaurant and get a bite of some of the best Italian cuisine. If you have a desire for Mexican food and let's face it, who does not like Mexican food, you can stop at Cosmic Kitchen.

So when you did with all fun and looking for a great place to eat, there are so many places to eat. However, if you prefer to stay in and have your food come to you, many of the restaurants offer food delivery service in Homer.

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