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Find the best restaurants in Seward, Alaska

About Seward

Seward is located on the Kenai Peninsula is located on the shores of Resurrection Bay and the Gulf of Alaska. It also shares the peninsula with three cities or boroughs; Soldotna, Homer, and Kenai, with Seward being the smallest of the four. The Kenai Peninsula located some 120 miles by road away from Anchorage and is the largest and most populous of all cities in Alaska. A couple of fun facts, the city is named for the name US Secretary of State William H. Seward and he was responsible for the Alaska Purchase from the Russian Empire. The starting point of the famous annual Iditarod Dog Sled Race.

Like all of the other cities located on the Kenai Peninsula, there are so many outdoor activities that one who is visiting Seward can do. In the summer months you can enjoy kayaking in the calm glacier-fed waters and partake is the challenging rapids on the Kenai River in a whitewater raft. There are also many hiking trails and guide car or bike tours of the area or chartered fishing tours that will take you out to catch some great tasting fish. There are many ways to get into Seward including by train, car, commercial and float plane or even several of world's cruise lines make port stops in Seward, Alaska.

Image of Seward, Alaska

Restaurants in Seward

Browse the best restaurants in Seward on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Seward - let us know!

Browse Restaurants

If you are looking to sample some locally brewed beer while visiting Seward, you will need to visit the Seward Brewing Company. They make a number of great tasting beers and you are able to sample their products while they are open. They are a seasonal brewery and therefore there is a period time of the year that they are closed down. It would be wise of you to plan your trip accordingly if you are interested in trying what they have to offer.

If you are looking for a warmup, there are numerous local coffee shops and tea houses that serve delicious, freshly brewed coffee and espresso. Along with a number of other light bakery items to snack on while enjoying your cup of coffee or tea. While you can visit the Starbucks to get the usual overpriced cup of coffee or you can stop in at one of the other locally owned coffee shops to get a much more modestly priced cup of java. The Resurrect Art Coffee House is the best of the best locally owned and operated coffee shops in Seward and it is located in one of most interesting buildings. However, the most unique looking coffee shop belongs to Espresso Simpatico, it is shaped like an old style tea kettle.

Order food the easy way in Seward

When it comes to satisfying for food craving you have so many options in Seward. There many different locally owned and operated restaurants that offer a wide range of food choices. If you like seafood there are many of them that dedicate their menu to offering the freshest seafood. However, if you have a hankering for Mexican, Italian or simply looking for a great steak or burger, you will be able to find exactly what you are looking for.

One of the things that you are likely going to find these days even in Seward, Alaska, many of the local restaurants are participating in the highly popular Food delivery service in Seward. You should always call ahead to see if the restaurant you choose in fact offers home delivery services.

What is Alaskan Cuisine?

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Alaskan Cuisine is here for you. With our easy to use Alaskan Cuisine app for your tablet or smartphone you can easily order food online from anywhere in Alaska. In the Alaskan Cuisine app, you can save your favorite delivery service as and reorder the last orders with just a few clicks. Reviews from other customers and filters make it easy for you to choose.

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