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Dine-in Services in Alaska

Book a table at your favorite restaurant in Alaska

Booking a table can be tedious

We are sure that at least once in your life you have desired to dine in a particular restaurant, perhaps a starred restaurant, to celebrate a few anniversaries, or just to eat some food, but you have not found a place because all tables were fully booked. An uncomfortable, unpleasant situation that forced you to improvise a solution, to immediately look for a new restaurant, made it difficult to celebrate the anniversary and you did not eat the food you wanted. A situation that unfortunately can happen. The space in restaurants is not unlimited, but you can not know until booking, so the risk of not finding a table is very high. Furthermore, calling is inconvenient, and often a person does not have the time to call.

We thought about how to solve this problem, how to integrate smartphones and new technologies into our platform and give the customer a real-time overview of the restaurant where he wants to book a table. We've integrated a table booking system into our platform, which allows you to book a table in selected restaurants in just a few seconds, with the certainty of having a reserved table and focus only on one thing: having a great time.

Dine-in Table booking Image

Alaskan Cuisine presents: Table Booking - online!

For this reason, we have developed Dine-In, our remote booking service that allows you to book a table at any time in all the restaurants that have partnered with Alaskan Cuisine. The App is designed to give real-time information on the capacity of the restaurant, the customer receives an email confirmation of the reservation, and for this reason, the margin for errors will be very small. The table will be booked, and the customer will only have to go to the restaurant at the scheduled time and show the reservation.

The restaurant will take care of everything and cook the best Alaskan food for the customer. Our app is constantly evolving, and we're working to add new features, fix any issues (let us know if you encounter any), and to monitor customer feedback. In fact, Dine-In allows customers to leave feedback for their experience with the App. The customer will have to evaluate the reservation, the kindness of the service personal and the quality of the food.

The technology has also arrived in the best restaurants in Alaska, in a few seconds our customers can book a table in their favorite restaurant and spend a pleasant evening. All thanks to Dine-In. Booking a table at the restaurant has never been so easy.

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