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Find the best restaurants in Soldotna, Alaska


Not very surprising that Soldotna, Alaska is famous for its outdoor activities as it is situated on the picturesque Kenai Peninsula. For really good reasons the Kenai River is the home to the best sportfishing in all of Alaska. The river is fed by runoff from the nearby glaciers and that is the primary reason for the deep blue color of the waters in the Kenai River.

The river is also famous for its salmon, Rainbow Trout and Dolly Varden fish that are extremely plentiful, especially during spawning. Along with fishing, there are so many other outdoor activities for you to partake in during your visit to Soldotna. Some of these fun things to do include wildlife watching, such as bear and birds. It is also highly likely you will also come across caribou, bear (brown and black) and moose.

For those who like a little more action, there are a number of fun things to do as well, hiking, canoeing and kayaking on the Kenai River. After the sun goes down, there are a number of establishments that offer evening entertainment. Many of the local bars and lounges have live music and other types of fun.

Image of Soldotna, Alaska

Restaurants in Soldotna

Browse the best restaurants in Soldotna on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Soldotna - let us know!

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Along with fantastic local restaurants to enjoy the local foods, you can also take part in a drinking pleasure as well. There are a number of microbreweries and sports bars that offer a wide selection of standard favorite beverages. However, the real secret is the great tasting locally brewed beers found inside Kenai River Brewing Co. This microbrewery makes many different handcrafted ales on the premises.

Order food the easy way in Soldotna

There are also a number of local tea and coffee shops where you can sit and sip on the freshest coffee, espresso, and teas. If you are looking for a way to combine your love for watching sports, food, and drinks at the Bucket's Sports Grill.

As you can see there is so much to see and do in Soldotna, Alaska and if you make it your vacation destination, you can see it all for yourself.

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