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Find the best restaurants in Fairbanks, Alaska


Fairbanks, "The Golden Heart of Alaska" is the second largest city in Alaska by population with nearly 100,000 people. Fairbank's is located in the interior of Alaska and it is completely surrounded by wilderness, so it highly like you could see one of the many wild animals indigenous to Alaska such as musk oxen, reindeer. The Chena River flows right through downtown and you can enjoy a nice scenic ride in a canoe or kayak.

Since dog sledding is big Fairbank's and you will find several dog mushing kennels that you visit. There is plenty of cultural things to do like walk around inside the ice museum. With its close proximity to Denali National Park and Preserve, there is plenty of hikes and ice fishing in the winter time.

The Black Diamond Resort is a popular tourist destination that has a small, yet spacious lodge with 28 rooms and plenty of outdoor amenities like ATV riding in season. There is also draft horse-drawn wagon tour of the area. There is also hiking and plenty of other outdoor activities to enjoy year-round in Fairbanks.

Image of Fairbanks, Alaska Credit: Michael Rogers, Fairbanks

Restaurants in Fairbanks

Browse the best restaurants in Fairbanks on Alaskan Cuisine and order your favorite food online. You can also order for pickup or just order a table for dine-in. If you can't find your favorite restaurant in Fairbanks - let us know!

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One the biggest things that Fairbanks, Alaska is most famous for is its light show, also known as the Aurora Borealis or Northern Lights. Absolutely, hands down the most spectacular of all natural phenomenon on planet earth. No place gives you a more realistic view of the amazingly Northern Lights. You also get to be part of the uniqueness of the midnight sun and yes it truly means you get to see the sunlight even a 12:00 am in the morning.

Since you have to eat sometime during your vacation you are in luck, there are plenty of places you can stop for a bite to eat. Whether you want to try local favorites like Alaskan King Salmon, reindeer. If you like Greek and American cuisine you can eat at Bobby's Downtown. They also have several food trucks the can be found throughout downtown Fairbanks. For those wanting to dine in without leaving the hotel room try the available food delivery service in Fairbanks.

There is a wide range of food opportunities in Fairbanks, from BBQ at Big Daddy's BBQ, Fuji's Japanese Restaurant, Miguel's Authentic Mexican Cuisine, and the Vallata Restaurant feature a range of local favorites. You can even enjoy a Big Mac if you are so inclined at the Fairbanks/North Pole McDonald's.

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If you are looking to sample some of the local adult beverages there are two outstanding local craft beer establishments and also 4 local distilleries in town. Fairbanks Distilling Company makes vodka using fresh Alaskan grown potatoes and they offer a tasting room for sampling. The Hoodoo Brewing Company is one of the two craft beer brewers in Fairbanks and the Silver Gulch Brewing Company also offers a fine dining experience.

For those looking for a different type of beverage you can stop in at McCafferty's A Coffee House, Etc features a coffee bean roaster on site so they can deliver the best tasting and freshest cup of coffee around.

As you can see, there is plenty to see, do and eat there in Fairbanks, Alaska if you plan to make it your Alaskan vacation destination.

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