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Aleutians East

Find the best restaurants in Aleutians East, Alaska

The Aleutians East Area, Alaska

The Aleutians East Borough, Alaska area is made up of five incorporated cities that make up territory. The five smaller cities that makeup Aleutians East boroughs are; Akutan, Cold Bay, False Pass, King Cove, and Sand Point. Each one of them has plenty to offer visitors who are looking to add the Aleutians East Borough area to the Alaska travel itinerary.

The Aleutians East Borough area is located on the westernmost portion of the Alaskan Peninsula. The area is dominated by several wildlife refuges so that most of the area has been untouched by too much development. The population is really small, according to the last census (2010) there were only 3100+ people living in the whole area.

Things to do and see in Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

Like many of the other destination cities and towns throughout Alaska, the Aleutians East Borough area offers much to do int he way of outdoor activities. From hiking, to open sea fishing tours and sightseeing tours through the wildlife refuge areas. You are bound to find some really nice areas to hike and see some of the wonderful wildlife that is indigenous to Alaska.

Restaurants in Aleutians East Borough, Alaska

Finding a good place to eat in Aleutians East Borough area is actually fairly easy with some really nice places to eat in each of the five cities that you will be visiting. As you would guess there are not as many choices for you to choose from when it comes to restaurants in the Aleutians East Borough cities, but there are several nice places to choose from. Below is a small list of the restaurants in each of the five cities that make up the Aleutians East Borough area:

Akutan - The Bay View Cafe in Akutan is one best restaurant options when visiting Akutan, Alaska. It features a varied menu of seafood and other American cuisines. It has a small coffee shop if all you are wanting is a great cup of coffee in the morning or evening. If you are looking for a delivery service you should always call ahead to see if they offer that when you visit.

King Cove - The King Cove China Restaurant features Chinese cuisine and freshly caught seafood. The restaurant is open for lunch and dinner and also features Asian cuisine. While delivery service is all the rage in the restaurant industry, you will want to check if they have it available at the time you order.

Sand Point - The Harbor Cafe in Sand Point is a nice sit-down restaurant that features American cuisine, coffee, and espresso and seafood on the menu. It is open for breakfast and lunch hours most days and a couple of days it is also open for the dinner mealtime. If you are looking for food delivery to where you are staying you should check in advance.

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