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Aleutians West

Find the best restaurants in Aleutians West, Alaska

The Aleutian West Area, Alaska

The Aleutian West area is a census area located in the north west of the US, in the state of Alaska. The area has no borough seat, as it is part of the Unorganized Borough. Due to this, the area has a city called Unalaska, which is also the largest city of this census area. Back in the 2010 census, there were slightly over 5,500 people living in this area. This area is very beautiful and interesting, as it is made out of a number of islands in the Bering Sea, of which we can mention the Attu Island, Pribilof Islands, and the Unalaska Island. Because the area is practically at sea, it is one of the most important fishing areas in the entire US. It occupies the first position when it comes to fish volume and second place concerning the value of the fish caught here.

Things to do and see in Aleutian West, Alaska

It is worth visiting the Aleutian West Census Area, both from a historical and cultural point of view. Here, you will find a number of national protected areas and museum, plus other things that are worth seeing and experiencing. Considering that Unalaska is the largest city in the area, it is worth knowing that there are quite a few attractions over here alone. The Aleutian WWII National Historic Area and Museum of the Aleutian are two of them. These two locations will unravel bits of the area's history, starting with the Prehistory and until our present days. Located at the tip of the Aleutian Islands, the Alaska Maritime National Wildlife Refuge is composed out of a variety of natural landmarks and monuments. It is the ideal place for walks and for enjoying the beauty of nature.

Restaurants in Aleutian West, Alaska

The best part about finding a restaurant in the Aleutian West area is that there are high chances to get one with a gorgeous view. Because this area is made out of islands, there are quite a few options that are close to the harbor, so you can have a charming experience as you enjoy your meals. Most restaurants will offer American cuisine, with plenty of fish and seafood dishes, but you can also find a few offering Asian dishes, if that's what you like.

Amelia's - If you are not sure what you want to eat, you could choose to visit this restaurant in Unalaska and Dutch Harbor. Here, you can find a variety of dishes coming from all sorts of cuisines. From delicious pasta to seafood and the notorious burgers, there is something for everybody to enjoy. It is also worth mentioning that it serves breakfast as well, not just late lunches and dinners.

Chart Room - while seafood and fish are quite frequent options when it comes to restaurants in the Aleutian West area, this particular restaurant has more meat dishes than seafood ones. Located in Dutch Harbor, it serves American cuisine recipes, so there are high chances you will enjoy having your meal over here. You may want to try the King-crab legs or strawberries dipped in chocolate.

Airport Restaurant - would you like to try some American dishes with a Vietnamese twist? Then don't hesitate to try this restaurant out. Known for its bad weather, this airport can send you to the restaurant to enjoy something good to eat, until the weather is good enough for your airplane to take off. But, even if you don't intend to fly out, it is still worth visiting the restaurant, especially since the bar stays open until late in the evening.

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