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Find the best restaurants in Kusilvak, Alaska

Kusilvak Area, Alaska

This particular census area was known as the Wade Hampton Census Area, after the name of Wade Hampton III, a politician from South Carolina. The son-in-law of this politician decided to give a mining district in Alaska his name, after his passing, which became in time the name of the census area. But, the natives and other people living in this area considered that the name was inappropriate, not representing Alaska in any way. Finally, in 2015, this census area received the name of the highest mountain peak in the area and that is of Kusilvak Mountains. At the 2010 census, there were almost 7,500 people living in this area. The census area has no borough seat, as it is part of an unorganized borough.

Things to do and see in the Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska

While you're in the Kusilvak area, it is a great idea to check out the unique ecosystems that formed in the area. The presence of water led to the appearance of special flora and fauna in the area, especially birds that nest and feed in the proximity of water surfaces. The Yukon Delta National Wildlife Refuge, in special the Adreafsky Wilderness located within the wildlife refuge, is the best location for outdoor exploration and hikes. The delta protected by this refuge was created by the Yukon and Kuskokwim rivers. The delta extends up to the Bering Sea and it is a nesting area to a variety of birds, including for the Brant goose. For birdwatchers, this delta is an amazing place where a high number of birds can be seen in their natural habitat.

Restaurants in Kusilvak Census Area, Alaska

When it comes to finding restaurants in Kusilvak area, it is best to visit Hooper Bay, which is the biggest community of this region. Here you can find more than enough restaurants to choose from. Whether you're looking to find a restaurant suitable for the entire family or a place that serves pizza, you can find them all in Hooper Bay.

VIP Restaurant - this is a great restaurant to visit if you want to find delicious food and great services. In spite of the fact that you may find it hard to believe that Asian dishes can be found in this part of Alaska, this restaurant serves them. Of course, you have dishes from the American cuisine as well, so don't fret if you're not too much into sushi and other similar dishes.

Baba Pizza & Subs - for pizza lovers and everyone else that looks to grab something filling and fast to eat, this is the best place to check out. A wide range of pizza, sandwiches, and other fast dishes can be found here. This way, you can also grab something with you on the road, if you still have some exploring to do.

Dimitri's Restaurant - are you in the mood for Mediterranean food? Then don't hesitate to drop by this restaurant. Delicious recipes coming from the Italian and Greek cuisine wait for you here. The cozy and welcoming atmosphere makes it suitable for families.

Nuniwarmiut Reindeer & Seafood - don't hesitate to taste some of the local recipes, consisting of seafood and whatever the wilderness is willing to give. Most dishes contain fish and seafood, as the area abounds in this type of resources.

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