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Lake & Peninsula

Find the best restaurants in Lake & Peninsula, Alaska

Lake & Peninsula Census Area, Alaska

The Lake & Peninsula census area concentrates mostly around the Alaska Peninsula, covering an area of 32,922 square miles or 85,270 square kilometers. As a size, this Alaskan borough is slightly larger than the county of San Bernardino, located in California. The borough seat is at King Salmon, although this is not the largest city in the area. Concerning the largest number of inhabitants in a city, Newhalen is the most populous urban area in the borough. Even so, at the 2010 census, there were only a bit over 1,600 people living in this census area. This may be due to the fact that almost 30% of the borough's surface is covered by water.

Things to do in Lake & Peninsula Census Area, Alaska

While in the Lake & Peninsula area, you can visit the Kenai National Wildlife Refuge, located on the Kenai Peninsula. It is ideal for outdoor walks and the chance to see typical Alaskan wildlife, such as the moose, porcupines, and local birds. If you want, you can even stay at one of the available cabins, as long as you respect the rules. The Chugach National Forest is another gorgeous area for hikes and enjoying the outdoors. This forest is untouched and so are its lakes, so you will feel like walking in heaven. In case you get hungry on the way, you can grab lunch at the Moose pass lodge found here. Another good idea would be to visit the Becharof National Wildlife Refuge. Those that came to this part of the Lake & Peninsula area are thrilled with their choice, as the refuge is beautiful and can offer stunning views. If you are into fossils and rocks, you can check out the Coyote Lake Recreation Area. Here you will stumble upon very many fossils on your way, without having to particularly look for them. A very interesting area to visit and experience.

Restaurants in Lake & Peninsula Census Area, Alaska

While the Lake & Peninsula area is not very populated, it is possible to find restaurants here. Usually, restaurants are found together with accommodation options here, due to the previously mentioned reasons. So, whether you're also looking for an available room to spend the night or just something warm to eat, you can find what you need. Below you will find a couple of good selections in terms of food and restaurants.

Summit Lake Lodge - everything about this place is rustic, starting with the fact that it is placed in the lush Alaskan forests, away from the hustle and bustle of busy cities. The lodge-like atmosphere is warm and cozy here and you can choose to grab something to eat in the dining room or enjoy a drink at the lodge's bar.

Land's End Resort - the restaurant of this lodge can really provide a stunning view as you wait for your order or enjoy your food. It has large windows facing the mountains while providing excellent services. And if you need accommodation, with indoor and outdoor pools, you have it in the same place.

Exit Glacier Lodge - lodges are quite popular in this area, as they beautifully blend with the surrounding landscape. At this lodge, you can find a restaurant that will calm down your stomach, while enjoying the tranquility of the nearby forest.

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