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North Slope

Find the best restaurants in North Slope, Alaska

North Slope Census Area, Alaska

The North Slope census area was founded back in 1972, at the initiative of indigenous people living here. These people elected for the North Slope borough to be formed, as a result of the Alaska Native Claims Settlement Act that became active in that same period. When it comes to the North American part of the continent, the North Slope area is the formal community located at the northernmost point. Having its borough seat at Utqiagvik, the area recorded a population of 9,430 during the census of 2010. An elected mayor exercises the administrative and executive power of the borough. The last mayor was elected in 2016 and he has a three-year term to serve, which can be repeated two times only.

Things to do in North Slope Census Area, Alaska

When visiting the North Slope area, it is worth knowing that you have quite a few things to do and see here. The outdoors in this part of Alaska are quite spectacular, as the area has several interesting locations to see and experience. The Atigun Pass, for example, is one of the most popular. People come here for the beautiful landscape, but also because it is a good place to see the Northern Lights and spot the lively ecosystems that formed along the river going through this pass. Point Barrow is another touristic attraction, being the furthest point in the north of the borough. People come here with the hope that they will see some polar bears in their natural habitat. The Kavik River is also much appreciated, especially by those looking to go fishing and camping. The Galbraith Lake manages to enjoy a good number of visitors as well, due to the beautiful scenery it can offer throughout the year.

Restaurants in North Slope Census Area, Alaska

Feeling hungry in the North Slope area? In this case, don't fret, as there are more than enough restaurants to calm down that upset stomach. To help you with your busy schedule, here are a few restaurants you can try out while in the area.

East Coast Pizzeria LLC - classic American dishes and fast-food are available at this restaurant. If you want to grab something on the go or you simply miss a portion of hot fries or a burger, it is definitely worth paying this place a visit.

Arctic Pizza - this restaurant is in the same area with the previously mentioned one, so you have two restaurants serving pizza in one single place. You are free to choose which one to try, as they both have great dishes you can choose from.

Sam & Lee's Restaurant - if you want more than just a pizza, you can always try this restaurant in North Slope's borough seat, Utqiagvik. It serves dishes from the Chinese cuisine, so if you're in the mood for this kind of food, you won't have trouble finding it over here.

Northern Lights Restaurants - it's possible to get American dishes in a pleasant and cozy atmosphere at this restaurant. Whether you're looking to enjoy pasta, burgers with fries, or anything else you may enjoy, this place can give you the ideal kind of dinner.

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