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Northwest Arctic

Find the best restaurants in Northwest Arctic, Alaska

Northwest Arctic Census Area, Alaska

The Northwest Arctic Census Area is an Alaskan borough area that was formed back in 1986, on the 2nd of June. At the 2010 census, the area had approximately 7,500 inhabitants. As land and water surface, this census area covers 40,749 square miles or 105,540 square kilometers. The borough seat is at Kotzebue, which is also the largest city in the area. In the proximity of the city you can find Kotzebue Sound, a rather important wildlife zone for the entire Northwest Arctic area, famous for the fact that the largest polar bear was found here. It was a male and weighed no less than 2209 pounds. The area also has a coastline, bordered by the Chukchi Sea.

Things to do and see in Northwest Arctic Census Area, Alaska

While in the Northwest Arctic Petersburg area, make sure to visit the Northwest Arctic Heritage Area. It is the only place you can find within the Kobuk Valley National Park. This wilderness has nothing but natural landscape all around it. If you find directions, recommendations about trails, and food containers resistant to bear attacks, you can find them all at the Heritage Center. In case you want to make the most out of your expedition in the outdoors and make sure you'll do it in a safe manner. Plus, the containers meant to keep your food safe in the woods are useful and the center will lend them to you for as long as you need them. Still, even if you don't want to go in the outdoors, it is still worth visiting the center, as it also houses a museum depicting the Arctic ecosystem and native Inupiaq culture. So, there are many things you can learn here, with the help of the park's rangers.

Restaurants in Northwest Arctic Census Area, Alaska

What better way to end the day than by having dinner out? Checking out the Northwest Arctic area can be a very exciting thing to do, but you will need to eat as well. Eating packaged food while you're in the outdoors is enough after a while, so most certainly you will want to find a restaurant on your way back and enjoy a warm and filling dish. Here are a few you can enjoy.

Little Louie's - this restaurant provides authentic America dishes, like burgers and friends, with the opportunity to order takeaway food as well. The restaurant operates a small store inside as well, so you can shop for whatever you may need after you're done eating.

Empress - if burgers and chicken nuggets are all you dream about, then you should definitely check this restaurant out. The chicken nuggets can be sweet or spicy, served with rice, and a cup of warm tea or a Coke, depending on what you prefer. This way you'll know you returned to civilization and you can finally enjoy a dish of comforting food.

Bayside Restaurant - a great place for a filling breakfast. If you are the kind of person that enjoys starting the day with a satisfying breakfast, you will find it here. Grilled sausages, eggs, grilled cheese sandwiches, coffee, tea, butter, jam, everything can be available in one single serving over here. Of course, the restaurant is suitable for having lunch or grabbing a drink at the end of the day.

Uutuku - this is the kind of restaurant that offers a wide range of dishes, to suit all tastes. From America to Chinese dishes and pizza, you can have every meal of the day here. Soups, seafood, and dishes with a wide range of meats are all available at this restaurant

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